Creating a book with “The Write Practice” website

I was drowning in a sea of words. I needed help. I thought about all the other times I had started a new endeavor and how I would seek out a class or website. When searching the internet, I came upon “The Write Practice”. It saved my sanity and helped to make my sea of words into a meaningful book.
My book started out as just a memoir. I wanted to share my experience of starting a completely new life by getting a divorce after being married for 43 years and being 63 years old. I was told by three psychics to write about my me spiritual journey into a new life of happiness and fulfillment.
With “The Write Practice”, each day and week of lessons and encouragement, my chapters became clearer and well-formed ideas. After a few weeks, I became aware of which voice I wanted to really use. It was a voice of sharing how I made my new life and what tools and books I used to make a wonderful new path. On my new path, I learned that the past also had given me many lessons that lead me to be self-sufficient and happy.
The writing was a wonderful way to heal some of my past and hopefully give others the strength and confidence to try new things at any age.
I would highly recommend “The Write Practice” to anyone who is aspiring to write a book.

The Write Practice

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I am in the process of writing my book about life is supposed to fun at any age. It has many of my lows and highs in my journey. I was told to write a book to convey my learnings and share ways to enjoy our lives.